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Linear Meditations on Elizabeth Bishop’s “One Art” : By Beth Copeland

Loss hits close to the bone. When Elizabeth Bishop wrote her famous villanelle “One Art,” she had suffered many losses in her life. Her father died when she was an infant, and she was only five years old when her mother was admitted to a mental hospital. Sent to live with her maternal grandparents, she […]

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Five Sijo : By Tim Kahl

The Korean Sijo is an antiquated form in Korean poetry that was prominent in the late fourteenth to early fifteenth century. It was typically sung (each line containing four metric segments —what are called hemistichs—with a minor pause at the end of the second segment and a major one at the end of the fourth).  […]

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The Aftertaste of Asafetida : By Chitra Gopalakrishnan

The covid-19 has taken away the ability to smell and taste from many. As it has their connection to life. As many wait for the familiar aromas and flavours to come back, my mind is whisked by a forgotten tale. It slips into my consciousness like a card slipped into an envelope. It happened the […]

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