Recently I read that physicists have been able to make a space so cold that they can observe an atom in two places at the same time.  I have been thinking for a long time about being in two places at once.  

I wake up each morning to news of the other side.  As much as I persist in  claiming that I am from  where I currently live, (The Han River Watershed, At the Foot of Gwanak Mountain, The Korean Peninsula)  I am also from the United States. I wake up to news of friends from there. Recently I have been thinking about what happens when I wake up to news of a death from the other side.  Suicides alone– I have awakened to five of them. I walk around in heavy boots on those days. Recently a friend (from the other side) has been sending me poems. He types them into an email. Poems he is reading/ has read. He includes a brief note with them. A wonderful gift each morning.

There are other experiences not unfamiliar to many of the folks I know living their lives on two sides of the ocean at the same time. This experience shapes you. I started this journal in order to give a voice to that experience.  This is just as much a vehicle for those who experience the shift in the opposite direction, and for those whose experience is even more divided: living more so on both sides of the ocean at once.