Korean Clown : By Jeffrey Skoblow

                                                                                                 The Korean clown performed a little ritual before beginning his act.  It was not entirely clear at first that he was the performer. Four musicians took their positions with their backs to us, facing an open field in front of the river. Three men wearing traditional celestial blue gowns and black Korean gats—a  high cylinder on top […]

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Five Sijo : By Tim Kahl

The Korean Sijo is an antiquated form in Korean poetry that was prominent in the late fourteenth to early fifteenth century. It was typically sung (each line containing four metric segments —what are called hemistichs—with a minor pause at the end of the second segment and a major one at the end of the fourth).  […]

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Keep Going : by Jennifer Roberts

Filling “Jen, where are you?” She pushes her voice through the phone, trying to wrap it around me. I feel bad for making her worry. “I don’t know, Toni. I don’t…hang on.” I turn to the nearest nurse, praying she speaks enough English to understand me and hoping my adrenaline-soaked voice won’t make my words […]

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Home : By Nancy L. Conyers

I am at home everywhere and nowhere. I always have my feet in more than one door. I’m always arriving and always leaving. I love the arriving, but I’m not meant to stay, and so I leave. The leaving is hard depending on where I’m leaving from. Right now, my body is in Santa Fe, […]

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Jiaolong : By Glenn Arnold

He paddles the canals of Suzhou at night, carving silent parabolas through the reflected moon, steadily exploring the margins of his adopted city, searching for the dragon.   The nighttime canal explorations began soon after Melanie died. At first, he walked the streets in the heavy evening air, trying to find a way to take a […]

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Isolation : By Ashe

The world didn’t used to be so big.  It was a long flight, sure.  But, the worst was a crying baby, or someone in the middle seat.  Now, it’s a virus.  Now, it’s red tape and visas, more visas. Closed borders and quarantine.  Surrendering one family for the other.  My partner for my sister. My […]

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